Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My "Fresh Air" Vacation

I recently returned from a trip to Idaho for my nieces wedding. I called it my "fresh air" vacation. I love Idaho! It may be because I live in the ugliest place on earth, but my visit home made me realize just how beautiful and wonderful of a place it is. It appeals to ALL of my senses. Here are some of my favorites...

When I was growing up, every morning during the summer I would wake up and go and lay in our hammock that was on our patio. This was my view.


This is my Grandma and Grandpa Williams' barn. I love the look of this old barn.


This is my brother's backyard. Seriously, how would it be to look out at this view everyday. I'm so jealous!
There are definitely sounds that remind me of home. Falling asleep to the sprinklers in the fields...(close your eyes and click here to hear my summer time lullaby)

And waking up to the sound of the crop dusters. (click here to hear my summer time alarm clock)

There is nothing like the cool, crisp air of the country, but something even better is the smell of fresh cut hay! I seriously wish I could bottle it up! SO GOOD!

There is nothing better than fresh picked raspberry's...

...and peas from the garden. They taste SO much better than the stuff you buy in the store.

And who can forget a good old summertime BBQ. mmmm

The feel of cool grass on your bare feet is magical.

And I absolutely love the heart felt conversations...

...and hugs from these girls. I LOVE my sisters!

 So, as you can see, what's not to love about this place I call home?!


Maga said...

Glad to know how to get on your blog!! Wonderful pictures!!!

brooke said...

looks like quite the vacation... i could use one of those. oh wait! i get one next week with you!

Sharee said...

Wha?!!! You have a blog?! I am seriously so happy right now. I love it! So glad we can keep in touch! Amen to the senses of Pingree sista'.