Monday, February 28, 2011

It's about time!

It's official, we are the world's worst bloggers. So, here are the highlights from the last 6 months of our lives...

The "DEATH MARCH" to Havasu Falls. We spent four days in this beautiful desert oasis with some of our best friends - Trent and Amy. And some of our not-so-best-friends - the Ring-Tailed Cat, the Tarantula, and the vicious squirrels. To read more about this adventure go here

Next up... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US!! Jake and I booked our 1 year anniversary get away about 2 months after we got back from our honeymoon and it's hard to believe a year has passed. We decided to celebrate this joyous occasion in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Highlights included, authentic Mexican food, a couples massage, lounging on the beach, and checking off a "bucket list" item for me (riding horses on the beach)!!

 Meet Lobo and Cabo! They treated us to a romantic sunset ride on one of the most beautiful beaches in Cabo. I don't think it gets much better than this for a cowgirl from Idaho.

We also experienced snorkeling on "Lover's Beach" and para sailing...FOR FREE! All because we were willing to spend 2 hours of our time listening to a time share spiel. We feel it was time well spent. :)

Who could forget the HOLIDAYS?! This year we spent Thanksgiving with the Jensen Fam in SLC. This of course included dinner at Dodee's, craft day, and the BYU/Utah game. Trips to SLC are always packed as we try and fit as much as possible into the short amount of time we get to spend there. (sorry no pictures)

Christmas this year was spent with Candice's sister Jan and her family in sunny, Mesa, AZ. These festivities included; skeet shooting in the dessert, a live nativity put on by us "kids" (most of us ranging from age 13-28), and the BEST fried turkey know to man! Jake could not stop talking about this turkey for weeks. (again, sorry no pictures)

As if we hadn't had enough fun yet, in January we headed to the Bahamas on the Williams' Family Cruise. And by "Williams' Family" I mean all 42 of us! Our days were filled with eating, lounging, eating, and more lounging. Just like a cruise is suppose to be, right? We did enjoy a few excursions which included swimming with the dolphins (another 'bucket list' experience for Candice) and Jake spent a day scuba diving.

And when we weren't on the beach, or eating, or lounging, you could be sure to find us in the karaoke bar singing our hearts out. Yes, even Jake got on stage to dazzle the crowd.  

And while we are out having so much fun, this is what Lexi gets to do...

look at that sad face!