Monday, April 4, 2011

Free money, free travel, freedom, etc.

  • Every spring we look forward to our annual REI dividend.  By simply using our REI credit card all year, we accrue a substantial shopping spree every March.  This year we had $370 in free money to spend.  It's awesome to walk out of REI with bags full of clothes without having spent a single dime of our own money. We better enjoy it this year.  We have decided to start using the Delta Skymiles card for the coming year.  We love to travel.  So we figured we would take advantage one year fee-free from Delta American Express to build up our miles for an upcoming trip.
  • Remember the bushes we moved in our yard... from a our last post?  They're dead.
  • I spent last week in Washington D.C. for work.  I had a few extra hours on Friday afternoon between meetings and my flight home.  I took a stroll around the White House to pass some time.  As we approached the South Lawn, we were stopped by a security guard and told to wait where we were.  A few moments later, the presidential motorcade exited the compound.  Those limousines are built like tanks! I am always fascinated by the life of the president.
  • Speaking of the president, I just finished George W. Bush's autobiography, Decision Points. I know he wasn't a popular president, but I really do respect him.  He was president during a very difficult time in the history of America.  I think we were fortunate to have a man leading the nation who was not afraid to make difficult and unpopular decisions.
  • My next book... Long Walk to Freedom, the autobiography of Nelson Mandela.  I began reading it on my flight home from D.C.  Seriously, the book reads more like a suspense novel than an autobiography.  It is full of African tribal life, government corruption, sabotage, wrongful convictions, and prisoner abuse - and I am only a third of the way through the book.  
  • Favorite talk of General Conference... President Eyring's from Priesthood Session.
  • Baseball season is underway!  I can't wait to go to a game.  We already have plans to attend two games - one in St. Louis and another in Phoenix.  If we're lucky, perhaps we can make our way to SoCal to catch an Angels or Padres game as well. 


brooke said...

happy to get a blog post from you... even if it's just an update on the little things in life.

loved spending time with you this weekend.

Maga said...

So glad you're blogging again so we can keep track of you!!!

Jamie said...

Thanks for the suggested reading material. I'm going to check out Bush's book, and I'm going to read Eyring's talk.